Economic Development

Norwood Together wants to support equitable economic development that gives residents opportunities to stay in Norwood for business and recreation and makes the city a destination in Greater Cincinnati. We are working toward this goal by: 

  • Encouraging maintenance of the city’s infrastructure through events such as Norwood Clean-Up Week, grant development, and advocacy for city reinvestment. 
  • Convening small businesses. 
  • Creating a reinvestment plan for the Montgomery Road corridor.

What's Going On Now​

Review the draft Montgomery Road Plan

Norwood residents helped "relaunch the Pike" when they attended a November 19 open house to review the first draft of a new vision for Montgomery ...
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New Floral micro-park thanks to you

Norwood has a new place for neighbors to gather, and walkers and bicyclists have a new rest stop on their way to or from Wasson ...
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Montgomery Road needs your ideas!

At a November 19 open house, Norwood will have the chance to help "relaunch the Pike" and review the first draft of a new vision ...
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