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The Oldest Streets of Norwood Are Begging to Be Seen

Norwood Historical Society is partnering with Norwood Together again for the 2021 Historic Home Tour.

From 2 to 5 p.m. Oct. 16, rain or shine, tour groups will meet at Victory Park and walk a mile through some of the oldest streets in Norwood. These houses, dating back to the 1880s and early 20th century, were popular for boarding. Students and laborers, many coming from the South in search of work at Norwood factories, would rent out rooms.

The tours will last about 70-80 minutes, and each tour group is limited to 15 people. Tickets are $10 a person. Buy them here. 

“Norwood Historical Society’s mission is to collect, preserve, exhibit, interpret, publish and educate about the history of Norwood, Ohio. Anytime we get a chance to carry out our mission, in any shape or form, while partnering with other organizations is a great adventure. When we uncover the history behind these homes and share it with the public, the stories bring them to life,” said Susan Daniels, President of the Norwood Historical Society. 

The Norwood Historic Home Tours began two years ago, with Norwood Together and the Norwood Historical Society aiming to showcase Norwood architecture and landscaping and also to encourage civic pride. These tours also give non-locals a chance to appreciate the beauty and complexity of Norwood.

The tour will be exploring Ward 1 this year, one of four political wards in the city. With the neighborhood dating back to the turn of the 20th century, it’s an extremely walkable community, and because many homes have been updated throughout the decades, the tour will be interesting for both modern and historical architecture enthusiasts.

In addition to architecture and history, Historic Home Tour ticket holders will get the chance to learn about gardening and how to raise and keep chickens in Norwood.

When you return from the tour there’s even more fun to be had. The Norwood Fall Festival will be at Victory Park during and after the Historic Home Tour, from 2 to 6 p.m. The free Fall Festival will have live music, food vendors, pumpkins, Off Pike Market, and a variety of family activities, giving you a chance to take in the beautiful sights of Norwood then support its community.

This event is sponsored by Realtor Jennifer McGillis, UDF, Ventura Builders Group, Cappy’s and Off Pike Market.