Mission & Vision & Values

Our Mission...

Is to grow and build equitable economic and community development in Norwood.

Our Vision...

Comes directly from residents and stakeholders in our community. When we look to the future, we want Norwood to be a diverse destination city where households thrive, businesses prosper, and everyone is welcome.

Norwood Together Values


Equity is the guiding principle of all our work. We value all residents as equal stakeholders.


We believe clear, consistent and meaningful communication builds sustainable results.


We believe seeking out and accepting new ideas, partnerships and feedback is the driving force for all community work.


We recognize and value the history of Norwood, as well as the history and experiences of its residents and organizations.


We harness residents' skills and knowledge, innovative ideas and collaborative partnerships to find new community solutions and economic development opportunity.


We hold ourselves accountable to high standards and we do what we say we will do.