Gems of Our Community

The Gems of the Community Award is presented by Norwood Together to recognize Norwood residents who have volunteered, making significant contributions to their neighborhood, school, or community during the year. 

These are the gems of our community! 

Thanks to each one of you who has nominated the people you see doing good things in Norwood, the gems of the community. This recognition is a way to highlight the accomplishments of our city’s volunteer community leaders, express gratitude for their generous donation of time and talent, and inspire others to become involved in Norwood.

About the Award

This award is open to adults and youth. Winners of the Gems of the Community Award should exhibit some or all of the following characteristics:

  • Demonstrates a strong commitment to Norwood
  • Has a positive vision for the community
  • Successful in accomplishing projects and responsibilities 
  • Clearly shows concern for members of the community
  • Demonstrates the ability and initiative to bring people together to facilitate positive change 
  • Provides creativity in thinking and planning (new ideas, new solutions) 
  • Maintains a positive attitude
If you have questions or ideas for next year’s awards celebration, please contact