Welcome Ron Mosby!

We are so excited to have Ron as our new Executive Director. 

One of Ron’s most unique attributes is that he has served at every level of government. Most recently, he served as City Administrator for the City of North College Hill. His public service experience also includes being a chief of staff for three different members of Cincinnati City Council, serving as a board member for the Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority, serving as a member of North College Hill City Council, Public Information Officer for the Ohio Department of Transportation and an elections official for the Hamilton County Board of Elections.

He is currently enrolled in North Kentucky University’s Master of Public Administration program. As part of that program, Ron had the privilege of being able to make a presentation in front of the Norwood Economic Development Committee in 2022.

Look for Ron around town as he reaches out to get to know more about the city. Not only does he have a ton of experience, but he also has a great personality and a contagious laugh. We are enjoying getting to know him and are sure you will too! 

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The Northwood Cidery Makes Norwood Home

Joseph Klare walks me through the empty building, gutted of all the features that made it an auto shop, and explains how it will soon become a thriving craft cidery in the heart of Norwood.

Northwood Cider Co. will be  the first and only dedicated hard cider company in Greater Cincinnati when it opens in the summer of 2022. Klare’s enthusiastic descriptions fill the empty space for me: the storage areas up top, where the cider will be fermented in the back, and the bar running along the west side of the building.

“We’ll have a cold storage room where we’ll have all of our finished product and some of our stuff that hasn’t been fermented yet. And then there’ll just be a very small chain divider between the front house and back house,” Klare said. “We want people to be able to see… how it’s made and where it’s made. This’ll be a production area, so people can’t just wander back, but we will be doing tours and “How Cider’s Made” classes and things like that. We’re not going to be a huge operation, obviously, but we can hopefully get some information out to people that are curious about the process and how we’re trying to use as local ingredients as possible.”

Klare and his wife Rohan Krehbiel partnered with couple Darrin Wilson and Keyu Yan to bring their love of cider to greater Cincinnati with the aim of being inclusive and inviting to all the people of Norwood. Klare met Wilson at a brewery when grabbing drinks and dinner with a mutual friend. They discovered both had a passion for home brewing cider. Klare and his partner Krehbiel, had found craft cidery through a trip to Ireland in college despite not knowing each other at the time. After the two got married home brewing became a popular hobby, especially wines and ciders due to Klare’s gluten intolerance. Wilson, on the other hand, also discovered cider while abroad and living in England. He had an existing interest in home brewing and brought home to his wife, Keyu Yan, the art of cider brewing. Wilson previously owned a brewery, but sold the business when he and his wife moved. It seemed like the perfect encounter when the two met, and the next morning Wilson messaged Klare to ask about his thoughts on starting up a brewery together. Klare describes that they “brought [their] spouses into the mix and everyone hit it off as friends”.

Greater Cincinnati’s market didn’t have breweries specialized in craft cider despite its growing popularity in the United States following the popularity of craft beer. Searching for the right location within the Interstate 275 loop, Klare and Wilson, who both work in economic and community development in their day jobs, knew they wanted a place near both residential and business areas.

“We were seeking locations where we could function as a neighborhood living room for residents, a great starting point for visitors to explore a community, and a community that had a great deal of passion and activism to make itself more vibrant,” Klare said. “Tom Perry, who previously worked for the City of Norwood, happened to be one of Darrin’s students and suggested the pair take a look at Norwood. A group organized by Norwood Together showed them around town and pointed out a few potential buildings and explained all of the great things happening in Norwood. They spotted the old Norwood Brake building, right next to Victory Park and across from Surrey Square and Kroger, and a few months later were under contract.”

The Northwood Cidery will feature classic cider flavors as well as experimental flavors that are crafted on a rotating basis, so there’s a drink for everyone. 

“The idea is that it’s going to become a flexible space so that we can hold community events. You could call us and reserve a table for some 20 people for your birthday party. You can bring your kids in and sit in the lounge and watch a basketball game with them. Or, you know, when Off Pike Market’s happening outside, and you’re out shopping. Maybe your husband or your son or your family is coming with you and you want to sit down for a while. [You want to] take a load off and grab a drink and people can keep shopping,” Klare said. “So we’re trying to make it a space that’s flexible, but accommodating and one that’s comfortable visually.”

The cidery plans to have five to six year round ciders on draft as well as five to six ciders that rotate seasonally based on what fresh ingredients are available at the time. In regards to the diversity of what the cidery/taproom has to offer Klare says this about the drinks available, which will range from various ciders, a few beers, and potentially a few wines,  

“Technically we are wine, and we want to try to convert wine drinkers into cider drinkers, but we will have two or three taps of beer for people that just can’t get into cider. Again, we want to accommodate people as best as we can. And if you just can’t get into cider and we’ll have a beer and try to talk you into trying one.”

The Northwood Cidery and Tap House plans to open in the summer of 2022 and will be located in the old Norwood Brake building at 2075 Mills Ave.

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Norwood Together, Northwood Cider Co. earn Duke Energy grant

A $20,000 Duke Energy grant will help transform the old brakeshop at 2075 Mills Ave. into Northwood Cider Co.

The grant, awarded to Norwood Together and Northwood Cider Co., was one of eight urban revitalization grants distributed by Duke Energy this year to redevelopment and small business assistance programs across southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky. In all, Duke Energy is investing $250,000 in the region.

“Keeping our communities vibrant is critical now more than ever,” said Norwood Together President Mary C. Miller in the press release announcing the Duke Energy grants. “Receiving this grant from Duke Energy will allow us to pay for the pre-development costs and accelerate bringing Northwood Cider Company to Norwood. Duke Energy’s grant is a testament to their commitment to helping small businesses and local economies. And, for that we’re grateful.”

Economic and small business development are key priorities for Norwood Together. In the Quality of Life study that began Norwood Together, at community meetings and events, and in countless conversations among neighbors, Norwood residents have said they want businesses that give them places to go and gather.

The Montgomery Road Redevelopment Plan, created in partnership with the City of Norwood and Hamilton County Planning + Development, also calls for economic development around Mills Avenue, right in the heart of Norwood’s business corridor.

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City adopts Montgomery Road Plan

This spring, City Council approved a resolution to adopt the Montgomery Road Redevelopment Plan to guide the future of the corridor from Dana Avenue to the Norwood Lateral.

You can review the plan here.

The Montgomery Road Plan is the result of a $30,000 planning grant secured in 2020 by Norwood Together and the City of Norwood. A steering committee of residents, city officials, and business leaders have been helping Hamilton County planners create a vision for Montgomery Road, a blueprint to “relaunch the Pike,” as Mayor Schneider says.

Despite covid restrictions, Norwood Together and the City of Norwood hosted several public meetings last fall — in person at the Community Center and over Zoom — to allow residents to share their feedback on a draft of the plan. County planners then incorporated residents’ ideas in the final plan. 

The City and Norwood Together hope to work on a similar plan for the north end of Montgomery Road, from the Norwood Lateral to the city’s border, soon.

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Review the draft Montgomery Road Plan

Norwood residents helped “relaunch the Pike” when they attended a November 19 open house to review the first draft of a new vision for Montgomery Road.

Because of covid restrictions, Norwood Together and the City of Norwood had to limit the number of people at the open house. But residents still have time to review the draft plan and share their ideas for the Pike.

See the plan highlights here, and the open house presentation here.

Then email your feedback and questions to Norwood Together: norwoodtogether@gmail.com.

The Montgomery Road Plan is the result of a $30,000 planning grant secured earlier this year by Norwood Together and the City of Norwood. A steering committee of residents, city officials, and business leaders have been helping Hamilton County planners create a vision for Montgomery Road, a blueprint to “relaunch the Pike,” as Mayor Schneider says. The plan is for Montgomery Road from Dana Avenue to the Norwood Lateral.

What planners will share at the open house is just the first draft. Hamilton County planners will incorporate residents’ ideas into the plan before submitting it to city officials for adoption.

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New Floral micro-park thanks to you

Norwood has a new place for neighbors to gather, and walkers and bicyclists have a new rest stop on their way to or from Wasson Way.

Jon Moore, with help from neighbors and a $500 Wasson Way Mini-Grant from Norwood Together, installed a micro-park at the corner of Hudson and Floral avenues this fall. Read Jon’s reflections on the project here.

Wasson Way Mini-Grants are meant to encourage experimentation, build leadership, and bring people together.  And that’s exactly what Jon’s micro park has done already. Dozens of residents donated to this project, which includes two benches, a trash can, two trees, and a large garden bed. Neighbors, including a handful of children, came together to install the park, and some of them will be helping Jon with maintenance of this new community space.

Funding for the Wasson Way Mini-Grant program came from Norwood residents who wanted to encourage their neighbors to use the biking and walking trail, and make it easier for people to access Wasson Way, which runs along the south end of Norwood. From beginning to end, the micro park at Floral and Hudson is a community project — one resident’s idea, supported by the work and generosity of his neighbors. It’s a wonderful thing to see. Thank you to everyone who helped make it happen!

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Montgomery Road needs your ideas!

At a November 19 open house, Norwood will have the chance to help “relaunch the Pike” and review the first draft of a new vision for Montgomery Road. The open house is 7 to 9 p.m. November 19 at the Community Center, 1810 Courtland Ave.

Covid restrictions mean limited attendance, so Norwood Together is asking everyone to  register here to reserve their seat for either the 7 p.m. or 8 p.m. hour of the open house. Attendees also must wear a mask.

Earlier this year,Norwood Together and the City of Norwood secured a $30,000 planning grant to create a redevelopment plan for Montgomery Road from Dana Avenue to the Norwood Lateral. A steering committee of residents, city officials, and business leaders have been helping county planners create a vision for Montgomery Road, a blueprint to “relaunch the Pike,” as Mayor Schneider says.

What planners will share at the open house is just the first draft. A final vision will take your ideas. 

In each half of the event, planners will give a short presentation on the process and the draft plan, and people will have the opportunity to review maps and recommendations and share their thoughts. The open house will be filmed by Norwood TV, and people also can submit their ideas by emailing Norwood Together here

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New Welcome Bags ready thanks to OTO Supply Co.

Thanks to OTO Supply Co., we’ve upgraded our Welcome Bags for new residents.

OTO donated cloth tote bags to hold all of the information and goodies we stash inside Welcome Bags so that new residents have all the information they need to settle into Norwood. Everything in the bags is donated, and volunteers assemble the bags so they’re ready for anyone who needs to welcome a new neighbor.

Request a Welcome Bag for your neighbor here.

Here are the organizations and individuals who have donated coupons, information or other items for the Welcome Bags:

  • OTO Supply Co.
  • Jennifer McGillis
  • Greene’s Florist
  • New City Presbyterian Church
  • Boy Scouts
  • Norwood Business and Professional Women’s Club
  • Azalea Montessori
  • Cappy’s
  • Listermann’s
  • The Valley Church (a coupon for Angilo’s Pizza!)
  • Gem of The Highlands 5K
  • ASAP Norwood
  • Moriah Pie
  • Created Designs by Susan

Thank you to everyone who has donated goods or time so far! If you would like to donate items for the Welcome Bags, email norwoodtogether@gmail.com.

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Hunter Park Clean-Up volunteers beat the rain

Thank you to all the volunteers who came out in July for the Hunter Park Meet-Up Clean-Up Eat-Up.

We got a lot of work done before the storm rolled in, and many of us enjoyed a supper of AJ’s Cheesesteaks, which is always a good idea. Thanks to the city for working with us on this project! We’re making plans now for another clean-up at Hunter and more events at other parks.

Let us know if you want to help!

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Apply for a Wasson Way Mini-Grant

In the fall of 2019, Norwood Together raised money to support our section of the Wasson Way walking/biking trail. A portion of that money will be used for Wasson Way Mini-Grants that will support individuals’ ideas to improve the trail and/or encourage walking and biking in Norwood.

The applications period for the mini-grant program opens July 1. To learn more or apply, click here.

The grants will support the work of Norwood residents. Our city has so many talented, creative people, and Norwood Togethers wants to use these grants to help bring good ideas to reality.

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