Block Party Mini-Grants

Good things happen when neighbors get together. 

So, Norwood Together wants to help you — yes, you! — throw a party. Thanks to the generosity of Tim and Vicki Garry, the Norwood Together Block Party Mini-Grant program will offer informational and financial support to Norwood residents who organize a block party with their neighbors. 

How will we help you throw a party?  
Block Party Mini-Grants will be cash awards of up to $200 that can be used for food, non-alcoholic drinks, entertainment, marketing, or other party needs. Grantees also will have have access to community experts who can help them as they organize their neighborhood’s block party. 

Who can apply?
Any Norwood resident can apply for a Block Party Mini-Grant. Grants will be awarded on an equal basis across all four wards of Norwood. 

When should I apply?
Applications are open for 2023 for block parties scheduled throughout the summer and fall. Ideally, residents will submit applications at least a month in advance of their block parties. 

How do I apply?
Fill out the form on this page.

What happens after I apply? 
Mini-Grant applications will be reviewed by a team from Norwood Together. Funding decisions will be communicated within 30 days of receiving the application. 

Questions? Contact or text Jessica Moore at 937-266-9235.