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2020 Norwood Clean-Up Week

Norwood Together is organizing the second annual Norwood Clean-Up Week, April 18 through 25.

Hundreds of volunteers collected dozens of bags of trash from Montgomery Road and our city’s parks during last year’s Clean-Up Week. Together, we planted flowers and improved the parks thanks to donations from the Gem of The Highlands 5K and the American Legion. 

This year, Norwood Clean-Up week will kick off April 18 with a volunteer litter patrol along Montgomery Road. Volunteers will meet at 9 a.m. at City Hall.

The week will end with a clean-up of the city’s parks on April 25. Efforts will again be supported by Keep Cincinnati Beautiful. 

During the week, we’ll encourage each other to tidy up our own yards, sidewalks and neighborhoods, and we’ll gather for a Wasson Way Wednesday clean-up.

Watch Norwood Together’s Facebook page for details as the event gets closer, or sign up for the Norwood Together newsletter by emailing